Green Creek

Today I've been going through coffee withdrawals. I've been so sick lately that I had to start transitioning to even healthier diet if I wanna be somewhere else than in the sofa all day long. 

This time I didn't feel fit to go cold turkey, so I've been taking bit of cola and ibuprofin. Finally this evening I'm starting to feel that I'm coming back to living. Hopefully the worst of withdrawals are over and my stomach is starting to feel better. The nausea has disappeared. I still need to figure out what on earth I'll be able to eat that actually has some taste or gives me energy. It feels like a huge task to find eatable good supplies for me. I envy people who can go out to restaurants and just choose. I eliminate. I take out everything I can't eat and then I see what's left. On Saturday evening I'm seeing old pals from our joint studies. We'll meet in an Italian restaurant. I saw the menu. I'll stick to drinking herbal tee if they have any.

Loviisa is filled with little creeks and rivers. In the picture one of them. Another day of rain and occasional sunshine. It really feels like autumn. Yet another poor summer in Finland, like it was last year. Feels like the summers are getting shorter and shorter as does winter. It's like forever autumn here.

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