Busy as a Bee...

This morning I left to go to the doctors office at 07:30 and didn't get home till 13:00.. After taking all my paperwork to the doctors office and having my numbers verified I was able to get my one year medical certificate..

But then I had to go wait in line to get my commercial license reinstated at the Department of Motor Vehicles. From there I headed to work to turn in 12 pages of documents saying I complied with the doctors orders and I am fit to return to work. Then I headed to the pharmacy because by company policy I must have 2 months of medicine just to make sure I don't run out on the road.. Being out 30 days is common in the company that took us over..

So now I just wait until the company back east accepts my paperwork and then away I go.. I was told possibly on Tuesday but the safety director wasn't sure. Spent the rest of the day getting things slowly organized again knowing that I will have to move in to a different truck and..

Even the bees stop by for a drink of water when it gets hot outside..

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