Victory display

Walking back to the unit after the team meetings in the outpatient centre, I decided to walk down by the lake. Sailing along serenely in the western extension of Pupuke Moana was a black swan and seven cygnets. As I was getting my camera out of its case, I saw a couple of geese swimming closer. 

The second swan parent was a little distance away, and suddenly with a great flapping of wings it launched into a run across the surface of the water at the nearest goose. As the "attacking" swan neared the cygnets, the escorting parent took over the chase and the goose kept going until both subsided in the water.

The extra photo for today shows the next phase of the chasing off. All that I managed to include of the goose was its wake. The swan is beginning to settle into the water again.. The main picture shows the escort swan warning off any goose foolish enough to hassle them again (the two that had caused the disturbance were by this stage out of the water onto the grass bank). The parent that had started the chasing off, has just fininished its display.

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