Scrapbook Saturday: "List" - Kaizers Orchestra

My Scrapbook Saturday challenge for today is "a list".

I thought I'd return to the subject of my first ever blip in this series, uploaded on 7th February last year and repeated last August. I mentioned there that Kaizers' Orchestra (to be distinguished from the Kaiser Chiefs) was a Norwegian "gypsy" rock band whose music captured the attention and favour of our Sons #2&3 and subsequently of MrsC and myself. MrsC and I joined the sons in enjoying live concerts in 3 places (Copenhagen, Oslo and London); the sons were also fortunate to go to a concert in the band's farewell series in Stavanger 3 years ago.

Son #3 was very adept at grabbing one of the setlists used by the band members themselves immediately after the concert (he actually has 5 of them from different concerts). This list is therefore the very one used by Janover Ottesen (the lead singer and composer of their songs) at the first concert we all attended, at the Vega concert hall in Copenhagen on 18th April 2008. I borrowed the list and ticket from his (currently vacant) bedroom wall - I'm sure he won't mind, I've been very gentle with it!

This particular concert has special significance for me, apart from the fact that we had a lovely long weekend with the lads in Copenhagen. It was my first holiday after having radical (and happily highly successful) surgery for prostate cancer in January of that year. It was therefore a real milestone in my recovery - the next being completing the Great North Run in September of that year, and taking only 5 minutes longer than the previous year.

If you fancy checking out their songs then try these links:

(In the second link they have a full conventional orchestra as backing.)

PS None of us can speak Norwegian - but the songs are great anyway, and translations are available on the web :-)

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