Ramsgate Rock

Apparently it rained quite a lot in the night but I can't say I was very conscious of it. It seemed to be quite a nice day when I woke but first I had to sort out a loss of electricity int he van. Fortunately my neighbour had found the problem. Because my pitch is quite a long way from the hookup the campsite ran a cable nearer to my van and I was plugged into that. Trouble was the plastic connector was cracked and let the rain in which caused the hookup panel to trip. Pulled it out, dried it off with a paper towel and all was good again.

After a bit of breakfast I went for a walk down to the front and back to Inka's to help get the PA up and things ready for tonight's party. It stayed dry but the wind had really got up and was threatening to take the party tent away. After that was sorted I walked back to the campsite, got changed and walked back at 4 o'clock and lots of people had already arrived. The music started up about 6 after people had eaten and the Ozmeister (left) and i treated them to some good old rock'n'roll and a few newer ones (as recent as the 80s) which was lots of fun and seemed to go pretty well. Lots more music from Oz and his brother Juliusz, his wife and her sister, proper  top quality.family band stuff. A lovely evening!

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