Perfugium Miseris

Nothing to do with the results of drinking a certain amount of frozen wodka last night, it's the inscription on the rim of the lovely Georgian lighthouse on the west pier of Ramsgate Harbour and means 'refuge for those in need'. 

I wandered from the campsite down to the seafront this morning and gradually worked my way back to Inka's to help pack up stuff from last night and see people off as they left on their journey's home. In the evening Eric, Inka and I went down to the seafront and had a meal in an Italian restaurant, which I thought might make a nice change for Inks after all the catering she's been doing for lots of people. The harbour was looking lovely as we walked back with the sea fron lit up and all the lights twinkling on the water.

I'll be heading back home tomorrow but I'm hoping to pay a visit to a favourite location on the way.

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