Castleford-on-Sea !!

What a surprise when I went down to Castleford today, The beach had come to Carleton Street pedestrian precinct along with Punch and Judy and Donkey Rides, see extra pics. one pic should be named mind your bag missus.  The kids were having great fun building sand castles and when it started to rain a bit mums had a terrible time trying to get the kiddies to move, well who wants to leave the beach, even in the rain. It soon cleared though and the Punch and Judy soon had them shouting that the crocodile was behind Mr Punch.

Sadly I heard the other day that one of the only remaining Punch and Judy men at Weymouth is giving up because to quote from the newspaper :-
puppeteer Mark Poulton is packing up because he has had enough of children throwing rocks at his stall.
He claims the bad behaviour during shows, which includes verbal abuse, often goes unpunished by the parents and performances are interrupted.
Mark, 43, also said members of the public are not paying for their children to watch.
He said: “I have had kids throwing rocks at the show, and the parents just sit there and let them do it.
“We’ve always had people refuse to pay, but now they will argue with us and say ‘you can’t make us, this is a public beach’.

Sad isn't it.

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