By JackyMT

Millennium Bridge over the Aire

The is at Castleford, I took it yesterday, too busy today for taking blips. When I go down to shop in Castleford I like to get off the bus and before I go up into the town I go look at the river, calm in summer wild in winter, sometimes the river is low and sometimes high. The old barge is still stuck on the weir you can see it where the shrubs are growing out of it by the far leg of the bridge, It's been there for as long as I can remember and I have been going to Castleford for over 45 years now. They didn't try to remove it when they built the bridge.

I have had a very busy day cleaning, indoors, outdoors putting the table and chairs away so they all had to be given a good clean. Moving outdoor seating cutting lawn, sweeping up, and cleaning my hob, Now there lies a story, I got the cilit bang cleaner out of the cupboard,  sprayed the hob with it then leaving it to work I went and cut the lawn, came back got the cloth and started to wipe down the hob and couldn't understand why it was so soapy till I came to spray the tiles behind it and realised I had used Tesco's Oxy stain remover for clothes (its the same as that pink stuff they advertise on tele but cheaper)  but I will say this my hob is squeaky clean now, honest is really is, maybe I should have a word with Tesco. lol

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