Frankie Boyle Birthday Treat

Today's my birthday!

To celebrate we had a lovely dinner at Smoke Stack on Broughton Street where they do a brilliant steak. I shocked S by having a calamari starter with aleoli - I've been a convert for many years - I just don't tell anyone ;-) We even sampled their very old Banofee pie recipe - been the same for years and it was brilliant.

We finished right on time and headed along to the Playhouse to use up some of our wedding gift vouchers - an evening with Frankie Boyle. When I say an evening I mean more 1 hour of close to the wire jokes. FB is a bit of a Marmite comedian - I like him from when he was on Mock the Week. You got a short 20 second taste of his humour before it was trumped by someone else (or at least attempted to be!). Tonight we knew we were in for something a bit more intense. The crowd were fully fuelled from the beer on sale and with a warm up act to get the audience going it was a bit bear pit like for the hour or so Frankie was on the stage.

His material was all new - and pretty good. The best joke of the evening we found was - "There aren't too many things in common betweek Las Vegas and Glasgow. The only similarity there is that they are the only two cities in the world you can pay for sex with chips"

It is also the first time I've seen a comedian get annoyed/ angry at the audience and kick off a verbal tirade at the person involved. The example I remember was one woman (I won't call her a lady as I couldn't see her from my seat) who kept whistling Frankie - he took great offence at this and basically laid into her about why she was doing it. It was sort of expected from him, but also at the same time a bit of a personal attack and not in the comedic way. I think we can now tick Frankie Boyle Live off our bucket lists and put it down to experience. It sounds however that C4 have once again commisioned him for another series - who knows what that'll bring!

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