Crampon surgery

I woke from a delicious solid sleep ready to run and ignore persistent drizzle and a cold easterly. I'm starting to feel the benefits of all the work (and $'s) spent on my right hip.

The hunter was entertaining other hunters on my return. Happily they sorted breakfast for me and after a hot shower we were heading to the southern end of the Port Hills for a hunt.

But the weather had the final say. We were up in the clouds, the wind was howling and rain horizontal. Not ideal conditions for handling dogs and keeping them safe.

Back on the flat we visited a hunting show. I found crampons and boots to keep me amused, a nice man selling coffee and had many unexpected conversations with blokes coveting my gumboots ;-)

Late in the day the hunter and I worked on the anti balling plates for my crampons. 4 hands were easier than 2. Yep, old school crampons but I'm fond of them.

I'll see how they work tomorrow.

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