70m below the summit of Foggy Peak

That's Lake Lyndon in the foreground and Lake Coleridge right background and Lake Georgina left background where I was last Saturday.

Enjoy the steep bits better large ;-)

A 2 merino, light fleece and softshell jacket sort of day with overtrousers protecting my legs. Balaclava and at rounded out the warmth factor upstairs and fleece inner gloves and gauntlets protecting my hands (which oddly don't ache in the snow).

We spent time practicing self arrests. There is an old saying that the best self arrest is the one you don't have to use. But if you do have to self arrest, you want it to be second nature.

My anti balling plates worked a treat. But I had a few issues with my crampons. A patient mate helped me and eventually they behaved. Of the group only he and I headed for the summit, the rest preferring to stay lower and work on technique.

I love the swish of cutting steps without crampons and the steady rhythm of step, step, plant ice axe. Crampons add an extra dimension. Those points grip snow and ice but you have to concentrate on every foot plant and lift. Snag a point on the surface, catch a heel or clip the other crampon and the result can be disasterous.

I let a few photos go by for the sake of safety. Better to stay securely anchored and we had time against us.

I returned grinning from ear to ear. The hunter served me white bait fritters as an entre followed by a pork chop and veges. hpx was asleep by 8.45pm.


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