Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Sensory Garden

I spent a few hours in Trowbridge (County town of Wiltshire) today while G met up with her two brothers. Came upon this amazing Victorian "sensory" garden whilst wandering around! It was beautiful and I love trying to capture water lillies.

The extra shows some of the other things... Trowbridge's gorgeous Town Hall, a display showing Isaac Pitman's contribution to the world aka short-hand, and lastly... Shire (drey) horses in Devizes taking the beer barrels to Wadworth's brewery up the road.

We called in at Polly Tea Room on Marlborough High Street on the way back. Marlborough is a very interesting place! I like its layout and unique shops.

Back to the Lodge and it was like a little oven! It's a heat trap! Can't believe the temperatures today; only to be hotter tomorrow. Glad there is a fan here. I've had a make a start at packing!

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