Nothing happened - furiously.

Well more or less nothing.
I have two embryonic Raised beds awaiting construction.
I thought I'd try "Lasagna Gardening" in one of them. This entails layers of various additives, one of which is cardboard &/or newspaper. Since we tend not to bother over much about news I scrounged some off Ooer Bwoy.
This caught my eye and activated the grumble-switch.
I mutter quite a bit; once recently, concerning the "Amerification" of the U.K.
They seem to be managing to force their  strange terminology and quaint  rituals onto us.
They have successfully exported knock and beg (Trick or treat).
We have been infiltrated by the evil/expensive "Prom" (Promenade Concert????).
Once upon a time a Cap & Gown indicated reward for hard work in University in the form of a degree.
Them over there seem to employ it to signify one is old enough to leave school.
NOW we see these wee folk. A Degree each in Munchkin?
NO, I'm not really xenophobic, I just enjoy a good grouch with a side order of extracted urine.

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