In the dark and damp corners of the garden I find the most wonderful things. A leaf with many little leaves in a perfect pattern. A tiny toadstool with even tinier bugs hiding inside. I never cease to be amazed at what I see when I really look.

I got a promotion at work today. It's been in the pipeline for a month or so but was negotiated to a point where I was happy to accept today. It's a bit different. Many years ago, I stumbled onto the teaching and learning path, but today I've gone to the other side and will now be a part of the wellbeing team at school. It's an exciting challenge and one I'm looking forward to undertaking.

It's all very hush, hush at work, but since no-one at work follows my journal, or even knows it exists, I think I'm fairly safe sharing here with my blip friends.

A late night with parent/teacher interviews last night and off to Little Miss' school for a School Council Meeting this evening. Little Miss and Mr B are at the doctor's. Little Miss has hurt her arm again and it may need an x-ray. The time it's taking them, I suspect that might be where they are now.

I'm going to walk the pooch before I head out. 

No rest for the wicked.

Night all.


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