a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Wild Wednesday : Jasper the Wasp

This is for WildWed21 with thanks to our host Cailleach.  Wasps certainly drive some people wild.

I have not blipped a wasp before.  Possibly because I've never been fond of wasps.  This could well be something that goes back to early childhood as I have an early memory of being stung by one.  I'm not afraid of them, or phobic, just respectful of their ability to hurt me!  Cathy on the other hand hates them and is most uncomfortable near them.  

When the children were small we awoke one night to find the paper lampshade on the landing full of them.  It later transpired that we had a nest in the attic above the light.  The sphere of paper and the warm light attracted them and held them all in its thrall.  I filled a jar with soapy water and jam and gradually collected them all.  It took quite a while.  Cathy had kittens, but the children never woke up despite the buzzing.  I was officially a hero, well at least for a short while, until I next blotted my copybook. 

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