a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Tiny Tuesday:  Boo!

Well, having promised not to blip a bug for a while, I think I am probably allowed this one, as its now been six days :-)  If you look closely on a large monitor you can just make out the facets in the eye, but I would have needed a tighter crop to be able to demonstrate that proper and I rather like the composition as it is.

I was tempted to blip a shot of the dew on the osteospermum this morning, as the light was delightful.  But after some agonising on my part (indecision being a terrible thing),  I have added it as an extra instead.

Today's photograph was a much easier process than yesterday's which involved creating two separate shots and putting them together in Affinity later.  As an aside, I would like to just say that the blimmin' clothes peg really hurt. There, you see, I've suffered for my art.

I've fallen behind in commenting again, its  not because I don't want to - its a function of time being limited. I'm going to struggle to catch up tonight as I've got "things" to sort out. Sadly they are not interesting things.  

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