...Ceridwen's post on Blipfoto here and her link in her post about ethnic minority people in rural spaces, got me thinking. She responded to my comment and that got me thinking further about the natural inherent dangers in nature.

Which led to me thinking about compasses.

I have always had compasses ever since I was a child. These are a few from my collection. The compass on the bottom left slips over the strap on my shoulder bag so I always have a compass with me.

Rarely has a compass let me down. I've used them in a car when I first learnt to drive and didn't have maps, and I've used them out walking. Only once it did, when a dense sea mist dropped suddenly out of a beautiful, clear blue sunny sky. I was on the sand walking back to the shore. So I got my compass out. But unknown to me there was something in the ground disturbing the magnet. My companion explained to me compasses don't work where we were. Fortunately he knew the lay of the sand and the gullies, so we got to shore safely.

It is a beautiful, hot, sunny day today. Blue skies with one hint of a tiny baby cotton wool cloud, and just enough of a breeze so the sun doesn't feel too hot.

Be safe this weekend and bank holiday.

I will be in my garden swinging on my wooden swing...

Take care x

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