Coloured butterfly

It's been a long day. I began my day by colouring this butterfly on my iPad, while still laying in bed this morning!

Once Kent was done it was my turn to get up, showered & ready. We were off to the church to pick some of the youth and then head up to the Raleigh Temple. Kent & I ended up with 2 young men (16/17) riding up with us. Wouldn't you know it that the DOT decided today would be a good day to do paving and our 2 hour ride turned into 2-3/4 hour drive.

We had a great experience at the Temple, even when the thunder started crashing and the lights flickered a few times! When we came outside it was pouring rain and we got good and soaked going to the vehicle.

On the way home we stopped in Fuquay-Varina to get something to eat. I have to say that the two young men that traveled with us were awesome. Very humble and spiritual. By the time we got the young men home and then home ourselves it was 8pm.

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