creative lenna

By creativelenna

messy studio

I was preparing a letter journal for a personal exchange with my friend Sharon Borsavage, when I had to laugh at what a mess my previously clean counter had become! Look at the tiny space I am working in!! I do not usually start with a complete plan when I do art. So that means right in the middle of working, I will pull lots of things out of the cupboard, looking for complementary bits & pieces and seeing if I can find something for an idea that might work! I do like working in this fashion though. Dive in & start with a broad idea. . . then go with the flow. 

Letter Journals are small, lightweight, hand made booklets. I just discovered them this spring when Sue Maher introduced me. You create one and then work in them with 3-6 artists, collaboratively . My latest one for the exchange with Sharon is right there on the counter. I have done 4 journals with the Letter Journal Group and this one will be my first done just with 1 other person. Sharon and I are good friends who have also done collaborative altered books before, so I am happy & excited about our new project. I feel very free to be myself when creating as I have trust that Sharon will enjoy both my art and this process. I will be back tomorrow with maybe a few peeks at some of the pages - don't look, Sharon if you want to be surprised!!  

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