creative lenna

By creativelenna

I ❤ double exposures

There is something about double exposures . . . I so enjoy creating them. This one is two photos taken while going across the Braden River. One is my view from the boat and the second is just the water, layered over top. I used the online editor PicMonkey for this and tweaked the filter on the layer till I got what I liked... It is different than the Diana App on my phone, that I've also shared results from. With PicMonkey I am using photos I have taken with my Lumix or Olympus cameras (usually) instead of my phone and so they are a higher quality. They just have a different look, even if I resize them. Both have their merits!  Of course there is another way -the Olympus' In-camera double exposure . . .  I enjoy them all! More creative fun for me :0)

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