Sink Or Swim ? Give Me The Latter

Hello folks here is my blip for today .Explanation to follow. Want to keep it short .Things are not good .Please never believe the German system is wonderful .At making money , yes, re communication it is the pitz... See you later.....
Admitted last Wednesday morning after CT scan shows new fractured bone in my lower spine , informed best stay as I would get physiotherapy and pain management  .To date 6 minutes physio .No pain management .Zero at weekend and today ...MRT scan today.  No Dr . Nobody can tell me who my Dr is . My GP is trying to find out .I was told the social worker would be here today NONE .The Neurologist due to my spine injury. NONE.  All I do  know is tomorrow another CT scan .!!  That is the latest from my tunnel .Many days have passed since my accident and little has been done to help me .I pay 74 euro per day for a room where I can get wifi and this costs extra ...So far the only good thing and that I don't mind paying ---------

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