Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Milky Way Over Caerphilly Castle

After a busy bank holiday weekend I was tired and looking forward to a good nights sleep. On looking out, the night sky was exceptionally clear - the best I've seen it for months. With a waning moon, it was ideal for some star photography, so nearing midnight I forced myself out.

The blip photo is taken of Caerphilly Castle looking south where my Star Walk phone application identified the Milky Way behind the castle. Because of the amount of light pollution it was invisible. It was a tricky exposure balancing the light noise but with some post processing it hasn't turned out too bad. As a bonus, the castle is clear as are the reflections in the moat. Alongside me was a fisherman who landed a large  Carp. It was great to watch him catch it, photograph it, and then release it.

I got to bed about 1.30am and luckily didn't get called out until late morning, so worth the effort. It's been a lovely day with the sun out.

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