Quite unwittingly, Little Miss paid tribute to the late Gene Wilder today. It was dress up day at school for Book Week (they're a week late, but that didn't worry them!) Little Miss was a natty combo of the old and the new Willy Wonka. Her outfit was sourced by Mr B and me at various op shops around Sunbury. We had to purchase the hat for a whopping $10 and the specs for a staggering $5, but the outfit cost us under $30 all up, so we were pretty chuffed. So was Little Miss.

Mr B then fashioned her a cane from a piece of conduit and some fancy electrical tape work. What a creative man he is.

It's been a soggy day. 

I've been to the docs and got a referral to an ear, nose and throat specialist and a lung and allergy specialist. It's good to know that she's trying to help us get to the bottom of this annoying sinus/chest infection business.

Then Little Miss and I had our piano lessons. She was far better than me!

We're all tired and a little over it tonight, so I'll leave you with Willy, aka Little Miss. The extra is of the full effect of the outfit.

Night all.


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