By wellsforzoe

Michael and Gabi of the band Tune Up

30th August 2016:

With us are Michael and Gabi Dalferth from Germany who travelled around Ireland from Rosslare to Glencolomcille, making sure to take in Ennis and the fleadh, and then back through Lucan for a short visit.
These are two of these friends I regularly mention, who we never get to meet but who trust and support us continuously and without whom Wells for Zoe could not exist.
They are the founding members of the amazing band named Tune Up, who play Irish and Scottish music, which is uniquely beautiful.
Back in 2008 the were at a concert of another friend Karine Polwart, a songwriter/musician from the Borders region of Scotland. She had written our beautiful theme song “Dig a little well for Zoe” and when she sang it, Michael and Gabi loved it, as we all do.  They asked Karine if they could use it at their gigs and it became part of their nightly set.
They recorded it in their last album and tell the story of Wells for Zoe and about the time they visited Malawi, about 40 years ago when they were in their late teens in College.
They were taken by the Malawian people as are we.
They never forgot and have become our most constant and fervent supporters.
The band now includes all the family members, Sarah, Sam, Cesca, Kevin, Sabastian and Klaus and do concerts all over Germany
My mother, who will be 90 in two weeks, did her party pieces on the box while they charmed us with their amazing music. What an amazing couple and such committed supporters of Malawi.


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