Village reception

31st August 2016

Alfred wrote about a trip to a new area for pump installation

Hie Boss
I hope you and Mary are doing fine. Yesterday, we had a good day where I, Harrisen and Rose, we went to distribute cement and hold several meetings at Bolero (Rumphi). In all places where we went, alot of people gathered. People were very excited to hear that W4Z is giving pumps to community for free. Others were even saying that noone can give such big thing for free. They will believe only when  the water starts to flow from our pumps. All in all people were very happy to have our pumps for the first time in these areas. People were also very much interested to learn how irrigation pumps were. In Rumphi many people grow tobacco and this time they will start sowing tobacco in nurseries so water is a big challenge, now that we have introduced to them irrigation pumps everyone is willing to have one or many. Many have pledged to buy. I think this is a good gesture. The only thing they ask from us, is to send someone to teach them how to dig and build since the project is new to them. I was thinking that Peter should go and do the job. As of Yesterday 7 wells are already dug. We have already given them cement, they are just waiting for someone to teach them so they can building, now my new GPS has started showing so all pump details will have it. 
Thanks. ALFRED

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