By hjarald

Doomsday Sky

Yesterday it was my nieces B'day party. We were sitting outside enjoying the sun, when all of a sudden the sky darkened and everyone started to check the weather report on their smartphones. There seemed to be a small rain cloud to be seen, but everybody said that it would not come over our party, so we stayed outside.

Then all of a sudden the sky turned really, and I mean really - dark and the clouds started to twirl like crazy.

Everyone started to pull up the canope, lower the parasol, bring the drinks and food inside and go for cover. I was taking pictures of this surreal doomsday sky it changed every second.

It only took less than a minute and a heavy storm wind hit us like a tsunami. Directly followed by a wall of heavy rain.

Just as suddenly as it started it ended and the sun came back.

A weird experience, maybe not in tropical area's, but here in Holland it sure is.

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