Had left my large umbrella at the wedding venue we were at yesterday so went to Huby to retrieve it.
Once done we continued on our journey to Costco.
We wondered why we saw our regular bus coming towards us on the Pool Road instead of its normal route and then realised all the traffic had been diverted.
We looked up towards Pool Bank and could see the air ambulance descending so realised there had been an accident.
Sorrow and sadness for some poor souls.
We diverted towards Arthington and as we drove along l saw this field at Eccup (one l often played in as a child) and asked Mr P to pull over. As l got out of the car huge but sparse raindrops were hitting the path. Blip done we went on our way.
Within minutes it had started to rain heavily and l wasn't surprised after seeing these clouds.
Did the shop, quite a big one and then drove home only to find the road was still closed two hours later. Must have been a bad accident, my thoughts are with the victims.
This time we came over the Chevin at Otley and saw more fabulous cloud formations and some beautiful views over the valley but by this time the sun was beating down.
So we've had quite a pleasant tour round but not for the best of reasons.
Dull and overcast now.

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