Shabby chic

I was still feeling a bit buggy this morning, and wanting to conserve my energy for conference tomorrow, and Tim was tired from all his work yesterday, with more to do today, so we gave climbing a miss.  Instead, we drove to Orpington and chose our kitchen flooring and bathroom wall tiles.  Tim also bought some new sunglasses with his birthday money from my Mum.

Came back home, had an early lunch, and then Tim started taking off all the rest of the tiles in the kitchen.  I finished off his Mum's photo book online, then cleaned up once he'd finished in the kitchen.  Weirdly, I'm quite liking the new (but temporary) look.  Doesn't say much for our old tiles if we prefer the bare plaster behind them!

Did the online food shop this afternoon, then after some dinner got on with packing for conference.  I seem to have enough clothes for about three weeks, but at least I should be prepared for all weathers and all eventualities....

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