Yes, It's A Duck

It's felt like a long time since there's been such a wash-out of a day. Low cloud and constant drizzly rain did not inspire me to get out other than to take an enforced walk into town late afternoon to stock up on a few essential groceries. I stopped by the tarn on the way back home. It's always good for a blip on a dull day.

I tried not to fight my lethargy and gave into a feast of sport. The big mountain stage in the Vuelta was as good a day's racing as I've seen in a long while, and certainly more exciting than any day from the Tour de France, which did see many good days this year. The ride from Simon Yates was incredible. He looks like matching, and possibly even beating his twin brother Adam's astonishing 4th place in the Tour this summer. The prospect of seeing them both ride together next year is an extremely exciting one. They each have to be grand tour contenders in the years to come.

I then got caught up with the Dan Evans v Stan Wawrinka game from the US Open. I have to admit to never having watched this new Brit on the block before. I look forward to seeing a lot more. What an incredible talent. There's something very refreshing about him too. He looks like a lad from next door, and as if he'd just wandered across from the local park and was hitting the ball for fun. I've seen a lot of great tennis this summer but that must rank amongst the very best. He was just a few inches away from defeating Stan the Man to become Dan the Man. British sport is in a very healthy state at the moment. It kind of made up for me not feeling very healthy this last few days!

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