Paul Cunningham

By pauljcunningham

The Old Town Skyline

Good Morning Pilgrims

© Paul Cunningham - Edinburgh Photo Guy

You're looking at the original Edinburgh from Waverley Market, this skyline hasn't changed much, only the surrounding bridges and buildings adjacent to it.

The population of Edinburgh and the medieval walls came down, then bridges were built across the valleys to build another town, called today ' the New Town', although people who had money and can afford living in spacious areas moved out, the Old Town was left in ruin and over crowding to the point that people became unwell.

A census by the Edinburgh presbytery in 1592 recorded a population of 8,003 adults spread equally north and south of the High Street which runs along the spine of the ridge sloping down from the Castle.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the population expanded rapidly, rising from 49,000 in 1751 to 136,000 in 1831, primarily due to migration from rural areas

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