Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Nice Kitty

Today has been fantastic.  A leopard sighting this morning.  We are so lucky as they are very difficult to find.  This was when it was crossing along a creek.  We saw many lions today, waited for hours for wildebeest to make up their mind whether they were crossing or not (they did not while we were there) and then came across some very pretty bee eaters and finally, the most amazing lioness killing a wartie and then going and getting the kids.  Two cubs about a month old and sooooo cute.  When I get a bit more wiffy time I will see if I can put some extras up.  Thanks for following the safari with me.  Unfortunately there is not a lot of spare time to browse and respond to comments and the wiffy is very wonky.

Edit from Rhino Watch.  Mum and cubs up

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