Hotel sculpture

A sculpture at the Sheraton downtown.

Life updates: Meghan's surgery last week went fine. The nodules were benign, which is good.

My apartment will begin charging everyone $25 a month for "valet trash pickup." That's just them picking up our garbage at the door. It's a mandatory charge. I will be unable to use the service because pickup is on the days I work and during my work hours, but I'll still be charged once I renew my lease. They're not even getting rid of the dumpsters, so it's totally useless except for lazy people.

Instead of taking this $300-a-year mandatory charge and whatever my rent increase will be, I am moving. I'm hoping to move downtown. Downtown's probably my favorite area of the city. It'd also be much closer to work. I could walk to work! Saves on gas. So even if my apartment is around the same price as now, I'd save more in other ways. I'm going to start checking out places in person on Friday.

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