creative lenna

By creativelenna

Steve, Red and the boat Tom Hand

I was at the Tiki Hut today to meet up with "Red" (Sam Wade Sears) who I have blipped about a few times before. See another photo of this boat and read more about Red here. Steve was putting the tarp on Tom Hand after doing some repairs and showing it to Red. I am including an "extra" photo of me & Red in front of Tom Hand. Oh, I just found a wonderful link to a blipfoto entry sharing Red and his friend Yannie sailing Tom Hand. :)

Unfortunately, our little dog Asia started to feel unwell while I was there. She developed some kind of odd balance problem, meaning she had trouble staying balanced while walking. We had our mobile vet come see her and she said it may be vestibular disease. So far we are trying to keep her resting, lying down, with help and supervision (and carrying) when she needs to go outside. It's tough to see her like this. She does not seem in pain, but disoriented from being unbalanced. We will observe her and keep our fingers crossed it goes away... 72 hours is what they say. Yes, she is old at 15, but it may not be her time to go yet. We'll see. I am simply trying to comfort her now. 

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