Northern Star

By Lifferz

Blip from bed

This has been my view all day- oh the joys of being on annual leave! I have managed to study nearly all of the day. It's been slow but methodical and thorough. I am at the stage where I am cross referencing or weaving things in from chapter to chapter and it feels ok. Chapter 5 still needs a lot of work...

Holled up in bed with hot water bottles which have been a blessing. I'm getting to the stage where I can't drink much more water and I am terrified that on Friday if the kidney stone wins this round I may have to go to hospital and be parted from my study. I'm trying to get everything in order just in case that happens.... I found a video on YT about drinking the juice of 20 lemons...sounds either like a miracle cure or very dangerous....haven't made my mind up on that yet! If any blippers know about this please let me know :-)

On the plus side (and in true Bridget Jones fashion) I was 11 stone 3 lb on Friday which is a bit to big for comfort...and now I'm 10 stone 11lb. I doubt the kidney stone diet will ever rival slimming world.....but it does work!

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