Coming along well

The pumpkins are coming along well - and Maurice Mareau is looking good too. I found a recipe for marrow cake which is meant to be very nice - may give that a go when his time comes.

It was a busy day at work - and the last day before the students arrive. It'll be chaotic from Monday when all the new students arrive and all kinds of activities get underway.

I had to do a last minute book move as the builders only finished some work at the last minute. Interestingly, my Fitbit One used to ignore all my book move efforts, apart from the actual steps. As my Alta is in my wrist, it counted all the hard work of loading and unloading books between trolleys and shelves! It was so muggy that it all seemed like extra hard work so good old Alta. Ironically, the never ending building work was to improve the ventilation in the Law Library - yesterday's sweltering book move would suggest that it hasn't been wildly successful!

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