Scary cake

It only got worse! Check out the extra once it had been de-decorated!

Leo enjoyed it as he has been very good all week and cut back on sugar so he had an indulgence day today :) I never thought he'd manage to be as good as he has - he has cut down loads.

We had an early start as we popped out to get Leo's hair cut as soon as the local Barbers opened at 7:15am. Then after some porridge at McDonalds (still being healthy at that point!) we went to the Library for a bit - where the cake proved irresistible to Leo!

Then it was time for a footie practice for Cully Rangers. Their first game of the season is next Saturday. They have to get the hang of offside, and much bigger goals so they ran through a few drills today. Leo looked tiny in the bigger goals - let's hope he has another growth spurt soon!

Then as soon as we got home and cleared up Leo was back out again for more footie fun with one of his friends. They didn't stay out too long though as we have had torrential showers on and off all day. So after a few soaking and towelling offs, they settled for indoor fun with some FIFA action and a NERF war.

We also had fun making pancakes for tea. Not a single pancake was floored or ceilinged this time - even though there was some very enthusiastic tossing on display.

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