Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I've been home all day! A planned drive to give one of the cars a run didn't happen, so instead, we watched Gs summer holiday photos on the "big" screen. I've been on the hunt for a lead for several months now, and finally found it in a drawer; then discovered I had another one already plugged into the TV ready to be connected to any device. The reason I'd forgotten about it is because the cleaner had let the spare end drop to the back of the unit. There you go...

My blip is of one of the souvenirs we got from the Africa pavillion at Global Village. This particular one was during a trip with rachelwhynot and her husband, in fact, it's the trip that we started this little tradition! [She has one too]. I think hers may be in better shape. You can see mine has been dropped a few times had its nose put out! I can assure you it did not cut off its nose to spite its face!

And G has continued to tackle the ants which seem to keep finding new places to enter the flat from. I think they like it here.

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