I had to be home for delivery of a new tumble dryer this morning so after the dryer arrived I went on a walk around the garden where I blipped dozens of these tiny flies  -  this was the best one. 

My old dryer was over 15 years old, and up to last week I hadn't had any problems with it at all, but I decided that rather than repair something that was past it's best it would be better in the long run to have a new one. The afternoon has been hot, too hot to do much but it's felt so good to have a warm breeze gently wafting than the icy cold winds we often experience.  Oh how I'd love to have a guaranteed month of this type of weather each year  -  it's pure bliss.

Thank you for the stars and hearts on my "traditional"  MM blip;  I was impressed with that lovely village church and I'm glad you liked it too.

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