Five Star Junior Cert Exam performance

13th September 2016:

This is Lilian Msiska . She is 16 and just finished Form 2, in Lupaso Secondary School. She has 1 brother and 1 sister and walks for about 85 minutes to school.
She lives with her mother as her father passed away with malaria. She depends  on her mother for everything but her mother failed to manage fees, therefore her opinion of her future is that it's too complicated so she was just assisting her mother at home without going to school, until she asked W4Z for help and returned to school.

Term 1
Agriculture 50%
BK 62%
Biology 20%
Chichewa 76%
English 48%
Geography 46%
History 50%
Life 74%
Maths  2%
Physics 25%

Term 2
Bible Knowledge:40%
Social Studies:43%

She moved from 13th out of 45 to 31 out of 45 in term 2
However in her JCE, Junior Cert, State Exam, she has done very well
Securing 3 B’s, (66-79%, 3 C’s (51-65%) and 5 D’s (40-55%), including passing her Mathematics which were a real problem to her and so many more.
This is a five star performance and we are so happy for her.

Sponsor: Roseanne Dolan, Dublin, Ireland

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