I had a dental appointment at 9 a.m. to rebuild a broken tooth - fortunately fairly straightforward - but quite painful, even with the local anaesthetic. Then of course my mouth and tongue were paralysed for a couple of hours afterwards, so no coffee for me!

We then went to Ripon - Mrs madwill went to a wholesaler to collect some sewing supplies and then we went into the town itself for a wander and a bite to eat.

In the market square there is this row of four bright red phone boxes - but they are sorely in need of a lick of paint. Next to them is a rather interesting little structure.. it is a cabmen's shelter.

There is a green plaque on the door which tells us..

This rare shelter by Boulton & Paul of Norwich was provided in 1911 through a legacy of £200 by Sarah Carter, a former Mayor's daughter, for use by cabmen waiting for fares in the Market Place. By 1982, when acquired by Cllr R Simpson and passed on to this Society, it was badly decayed and has twice since been extensively restored. In 1999 this Society gave it back to Ripon City Council.

The manufacturers also provided the huts for Scott's 1910-13 Antarctic expedition.

I am not sure about the tacky faded Union Jacks (sic) draped around the interior.

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