Pictorial blethers

By blethers

The race that long in darkness pined ...

Aficionados of a certain kind of hymnody will perhaps supply the second line* of that hymn, which sidled unbidden into my mind this afternoon, displacing Leonard Cohen's "Night comes on" which had been my ear worm du jour. After the three days of dreary cloud ( I know there was some brightness yesterday, and a lovely sunset, but it wasn't exactly dazzling) - after the gloom which hung over Dunoon all day we found ourselves blinking in the bright sunlight in Toward, which in weather terms is far more like Ayrshire or Bute than seven miles up the road.

I was so taken by the wonderful freshness of the greens and blues in this view - and I see that the mini-lake has returned after the rain - with the black cattle dotted about on the lush grass and the cloud bank further north just visible over the hills.

*For the benefit of the unchurched, the second line of the hymn is "has seen a gladsome light". It seemed appropriate.

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