Pictorial blethers

By blethers

A reflective moment

The pond is so still in this late afternoon shot that the reflections are bewildering in their complexity, only disturbed by the water from the fountain. This part of Benmore Gardens is less interesting in summer than most of the huge area, but in autumn the colours of the trees round the pond are magnificent. You can see the colour beginning to come in the tree on the right; by the time I visit again it should be more spectacular.

My extra photos are domestic in subject - the wonderfully rich peperonata I made to use up the surplus of peppers in my fridge (I forgot I had some and bought more) and the full flowering of the weak-necked rose I brought indoors a couple of days ago and blipped then. Tonight it glowed in the candle-light - and no: there is not a burning bush in the garden beyond - it's another reflection!

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