I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray


The morning was so nice and cool, I decided to do a little clean up in the courtyard. I was pruning the foxtail fern and noticed a little skipper sitting on one of the fronds. I ran in to get my camera, fully expecting it not to be there when I came back. Lo and behold, there it still was. It sat there for the longest time and was quite patient with me being in it's face. I continued on with my task, very satisfied with myself.

When the courtyard was nice and clean, I decided that it was time to wash the windows and do some cleaning and clearing of old plants and pots. 

My sister came over for some Scrabble and an early dinner of roast beet salad. That was the perfect way to end a very productive day. By the way, we split the wins. That usually doesn't happen. She normally beats me quite soundly.

I am grateful to be able to enjoy hard work and relaxing play all in the same day.

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