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By northernlass261

Succulents, succulents.....

Back Blip from Wednesday.  

A trip to the Succulent Greenhouse was arranged for Bowls Club members.   Seven of us attended, and we were amazed at the numbers and varieties of Succulents being propogated and grown.

A short drive into the middle of the Greenhouses in El Ejido, where Paco the Manager, gave us all a very interesting tour, with a demonstration of the compost potting machine.    Now I know why all the plants you buy at the Garden Centres are full to the brim with compost and you can't water them!

We went from the one Greenhouse which housed the plants for wholesale -  approximately 80% are exported to Holland, some exotic species to Japan and some to Ikea.

Then into the second one where we watched the ladies (main picture) cutting out the centres of the 'mother' plants for potting on and growing on for sale.   The 'mother' plant then produces more cuttings, any stray leaves are then left in boxes for up to 15 days when they will root and are then put in small seedling trays.

It was noticeable that the compost in which they were potted was dry.   The complete opposite if we were gardening in UK.   Little water is used, and little outlay to buy in new plants.

Extra photo shows the extent and variety of plants.   We were gifted a plant each, so I have another to add to my growing collection.

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