Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Got to church this morning, and then straight after to Biella to lunch with Marja and her husband. Sadly, Marja's company are relocating her out of Dubai, so we won't be seeing her much after October.

Had a delicious meal at Biella; I'm afraid my blip is one of four pictures I've taken today, and not even on a proper camera as I forgot to take one! We drove M&D back to their house for the last time. She's been packing and had some boxes for us!

Got home to a quiet afternoon/evening and G unpacked the boxes. Some real goodies in there including gin, wine, liquer and tonic water!! Gosh.

And sorry about yesterday's abstract image and lack of explanation. I have now uploaded an extra which shows the original image before processing in Picasa. :)  Annadiddly came closest.

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