Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Wow... I managed work today after quite a short night! Got there early too so I could leave earlier and the reason for that was wanting to get to Cafe Ceramique so that SweetArt and us could paint a piece of pottery as a memory of this trip! It takes a week for it to be ready, so had to be done asap.

Unfortunately there still wasn't a great deal of time, so I chose the easiest thing I could find and this was it. G helped me. She did the complicated top bit and the red stripes and I did the bottom part which was relatively easier.

We then got to the Salvation Army service which was across town, in time I might add, which did surprise me. Traffic seemed to be MUCH better today. It seems like everyone has left town or something. Anyway, worked well today and the service was great. We met up with our other friends, John & Marilyn who arrived last night as well. They have carried out four beautiful Magna Carta pencils for me, and one day, I just might blip them.

Sorry it's a bit hectic here at the moment and I can't get to journals. I do want to say thank you very much for stars and hearts on my Mono Monday blip.

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