Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

I Know This Much Is TRUE!

Wow! What an evening we've had! Actually, it's been quite an amazing day! Good day at work which had my team take me out to lunch to mark two years with the company. SweetArt was allowed to join in which was very nice. Then she came back to the office with us and sat at the empty desk next to me trying to be quiet but it proved too difficult, so she decided to call an Uber taxi to bring her home.

G & her came to pick me up later and we had a couple of hours to relax before getting ready for the big concert. This is the reason SweetArt is here at this time... to see Spandau Ballet, so as is now tradition, we listened to music by the artist as we got ready. The venue was ta da... at the Exhibition Halls where I work, so back there again and glad we didn't go any sooner because there wasn't any reason to! Thousands of people there but still loads of space to get to the front of our section, which proved a good decision as Gary Kemp and Tony Hadley came by to say "Hi"!! They were less than 15ft away!

SweetArt and I followed Spandau Ballet right from the release of their first single way back in 1980, but G was less familiar with their music. She thoroughly enjoyed the concert though and think she is a fan now. I was thoroughly impressed with Dubai knowing the lyrics to quite a few of their songs and singing along, and Gary has promised to come back again!

Called in at McGettigan's for a quick drink and something to eat and they had a three piece band playing late 70s/early 80s music which was fab again. Gosh... so much loud music in one evening... all good though. :D

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