The Main Event

Here's the reason why I'm in Dubai earlier than usual ... to go to the Spandau Ballet concert with GadgetKid and Geraldine. It was a late-ish concert so we had a bit of rest before we headed out. It was quite close to us, which was so convenient.

It really was a super concert and we had the best time belting out songs from our teen days. A real trip down memory lane, I wish I could go see them again in HK next week, but I'll be home a day late so will miss it :(

We went quite giddy when Tony Hadley and Gary Kemp came half way down the arena where we were, and performed two songs right in front of us! They were right there!!!!

The music itself was brilliant and they did sing some songs that we didn't know but were still excellent. They were classy and decent and Tony Hadley can still sing!

Other than that today, we had a delicious buffet lunch with GadgetKid's team at the Dusit Thani with good views of Dubai from the 24th floor. It's been quite hazy and dusty so not great photo ops.

Tired now, but still excited from the Spandau Ballet concert ... SweetArt out!

Here's GadgetKid's journal entry

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