Early start

Leo and I paid an early morning trip to Exeter whilst everyone else was still sleeping. Leo got in some quality Pokemon time, whilst dancing around a fountain! It was a nice sunny morning but with a lovely breeze, which was perfect for cooling us as we plodded about. We were home again by 9:30, ready to start the day again.

Whilst I had a haircut, Ian and Dad restained the shed. Ian managed it without a single mark on him and Dad was splattered all over. His shirt was beyond rescue and it took mum rather a long time to de-freckle him! I looks a lot better now but Leo and I are a bit disappointed as we were fancying a nice pastel shade but we couldn't talk everyone else into it - so it is bog standard brown. Next time ...

We were back in Exeter later in the day to pick out some new curtains. We also checked on a rug we ordered in early July, which was supposed to take three weeks to arrive. First they lost the order so we had to place it again, and now they are saying it is delayed and are suggesting it will be here at the end of a September. I am rapidly going off it now as I thought a three week wait was bad enough for a rug - three months is just daft.

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