We popped out for lunch after some hard work in the garden in the morning. It is all looking tidy again apart from the lawn but there was no point trying to mow that, as it is so waterlogged it would have come out in chunks!

Leo was very impressed to get a fancy glass for his J2O. He likes the spritz versions and think he will like them even more in future if they are served in this glass again.

The weather held up all day so I popped out for an hour's walk in the afternoon - after a nap to sleep off the garden efforts and the lovely lunch!

I was going to take one of my countryside treks but was too scared to brave the cows that were grazing away so I stuck to the lanes. I had signed up for a virtual challenge to log and post how many kms you could get through in 60 minutes. I managed 5.47km which was not a bad pace for me but will be way slower than all the runners. It was for a tortoise and hare medal challenge - so I opted for the tortoise option :)

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